Monday, 7 August 2017

My Mom's Birthday-Recount

My Mom’s Birthday

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter! I woke up to the sound of my parents chatting. Today was Friday the 14th of July the day right before my mom’s birthday and we still hadn’t got her a present! We had to do this quick as a bird. My dad and I had decided to get a wrist-watch.

After my dad came home from work,we drove of to St Lukes Mall to get my mom her birthday present. We had lots of choices of wrist-watches to choose from. My dad and I finally decided on a rose gold coloured wrist-watch with a crystal clear dial. We also bought my mom a creamy red velvet cake which was really dense.

My dad and I were really happy and excited to surprise my mom. We planned to surprise her at 12 ‘o'clock. We both were night owls which meant we don't go to sleep that early. My dad and I found a way to hide the wristwatch and the red velvet cake from my mom. We were really delighted and overjoyed to surprise her!

It was finally 12 ‘o’clock and my mom had fallen asleep. My dad and I were really excited! We carefully placed a few candles on the cake. I brought my mom’s present and birthday card out. We started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and my mom slowly woke up. I gave my mom her present and her birthday card as she carefully cut her cake. My mom was really surprised and delighted!

That evening, (when it was still my mom’s birthday) a few of my mom’s friends were coming over for tea. When they came over they wished my mom happy birthday, had tea and chatted for a while. Chit chat! Chit chat!

The day ended pretty well. My mom was very happy and joyful. She said that this birthday was the best birthday she’d ever had. She really like her present and the birthday card we gave her. At the end of the day,we were all really overjoyed!

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