Sunday, 21 May 2017

Making a book prediction

Making a book prediction

 WALT: Make a prediction using key words.

 Mud Pluggers-Pt.3,No.3,1997

 There was a race for the mountain bikers and it was a school challenge.It was timed by a stopwatch and Simon Foster was running it.Glenn was one of the racers.It was the school’s first race.The track had obstacles like puddles,hills,mud,potholes and they had to go down hill.Even though Glenn had practiced a lot,in the race he fell face down in one of the puddles.But he managed to get back up and he went as fast as he could so he came third place.Glenn’s dad was very proud of Glenn and that he came third place.

 Reflection:I did well on using all the keywords.Next time I need to put the story in paragraphs. 

Author:Maggie Lillieby

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  1. Great work Sandhya! Next time you need to work on putting your story in paragraphs.