Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sandhya and Prisha's Colour Poem

Blue is the colour of waves roughly splashing against rocks.
It is the colour of a waterfall racing down the rocks.
It is the fresh, icy water we drink everyday.
Blue is the calming swimming pool we swim in on boiling Summer days.
I can see my reflection in the cold, blue water staring at me.

Blue is blueberry ice-cream melting in my mouth.
It reminds me of fresh blueberries blasting in my mouth.
Blue is puffy candyfloss stuffed in my mouth.

Blue reminds me of sadness.
Blue reminds me of the wind gently swishing past my face.

Blue is all around!

By Sandhya and Prisha

We think we used good verbs like melting and boiling.
Next time we need to use similes and metaphors.

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