Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Under the Sea-Description

Under the Sea

Bubbles,bubbles,bubbles!Little,shiny,striped,spotted and colourful fish swimming around like rain coming through the ocean. Soft,smooth sand dripping from the surface to the deep,blue sea speeding across when the waves come. Slippery shells scattered everywhere on the soft sand.Tiny bubbles rising to the wavy surface. Rough rocks standing firmly on the ground as the fish swim through. The sun reflecting on the surface of the ocean like a bright plate of gold. Deep caves leading to the coral reef. Beautiful blooming flowers scattered on rocks and floating to the surface. Tiny rocks moving through the deep blue sea like tiny fish swimming around.


  1. I'm proud of my adjectives.Next time I need to use paragraphs.

  2. Well done Sandhya! I liked the way you used a lot of adjectives. Keep it up!