Monday, 7 November 2016

The Beach

Sandhya-The Beach

Splish!Splosh!The shimmering,sparkly,turquoise waves were dragging the sparkly soft sand into the deep ocean.The blistering sun shone on the sparkly sand and the wavy water.When the waves come through,the sandy starfish sliding across,gently breathing.The rough rocks were rough as the concrete floor.Seashells were scattered all around and had different patterns on them.Tall trees were gently swishing cause of the wind,their long leaves hanging from the tree.The slimy seaweed under the deep ocean pushing itself side to side.The seagulls flapped their wings while the wind swished towards the bright blue sky.


  1. I think I put in lots of adjectives.Next time I need to use more similes.

  2. Well done Sandhya! You did well at astonishing adjectives next time you need to work on metaphores.