Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What is Money?

What is Money?

Money is metal coins and paper notes which people use to buy things.All notes and coins have symbols which represent the country the money is from.The money notes have different colours depending on the price.For example the NZ $100 note is dark red and the $50 note is purple.Also all the notes have a secret code and an important person on the front.The metal coins also have a symbol which is queen Elizabeth the second.When tilt the paper note,you can see the amount of money.

What is earning?
Earning is when you get money for doing something.You can also get money for occasions like your birthday.You can earn money by doing chores. For example cleaning your room,washing the dishes or washing your mum or dad’s car.You can also do chores for your neighbors.Adults earn money by doing work.It’s important to earn money because in the future you have to spend money for your needs and wants.

What is spending?
Spending is when you pay money to buy something you need or want.Adults spend money to buy something for their family.For example a house or a car.Kids mostly spend money on their wants.But they also spend it on their needs like a school bag if their old one is ripped or a drink bottle if their old one is broken.It’s important people spend money for needs like food,water and shelter.

What is saving?
Saving is when you keep money to buy something in the future.For example adults save money in a bank to buy a house or any other needs.Kids save money in a piggy bank or a money box.Kids spend money for needs or wants.Like if they have to get a shoe because their old one is ripped or they want to get a new bike because they don’t like their old one.So you can save money for your needs or wants.If money wasn’t saved and always spent people would have not been able to buy things which are expensive.

So money can be earnt,spent or saved.Imagine if there was no money,people would not be able to spend money for even food.They wouldn’t have been able to earn money to spend it or save it!So money is really important,but you have to use it wisely or otherwise you will end up with no money!!!So always use money wisely!!!!!   

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