Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime

On a windy and cloudy day,I set off in my hot air balloon.I haven’t gone much further when I heard a weird noise.I took my binoculars and I saw some beautiful huge green turtles flying across the bright blue sky. I thought it could pull my hot air balloon.So I quickly tried to find my rope before the turtles went further away.So I tried to catch one of the turtles with my long rope.

I tried really hard and I finally got one of the turtles.”Yes” I said excitedly.But after a minute the huge turtle got out of the rope by itself.So at that moment I was really disapointed.I went to sit in my hot air balloon when suddenly I heard A noise.So I listened carefully so I can find out what the noise is and where it’s coming from.

Then I realized that it was the noise of the beautiful green turtles.They were coming towards me with their bright eyes open.I was so excited to know what they were coming for.When they got closer to me,I was very happy because I could look at them closely.They were floating there for a little while.So I thought I would jump up on them as they were huge.So I stood up and jumped up on a turtle’s gorgous green shell.”Hurray” I shouted happily.It was a wonderful and adventureous journey!   

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