Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How to play Octopus

How to play Octopus

You will need:

A group of children(at least five)
One or more taggers
An open space

How to play:
1.First pick one or more taggers.(Choose one tagger if five or ten people are playing.Pick two or three if more than twelve are playing,but not more than three)
2.Spread out on a line so you don’t get squished.
3.One of the taggers has to say something like if your wearing black shoes and then you need to run.
4.After they finish saying something like that the people who are on the line need to run and try not to be tagged.
5.If one of the taggers tags you then you have to stand in a star shape

6.Repeat the pattern until there is only one person left.  


  1. I like the way I numbered my work in order.I think I need to put more information in my work.

  2. Good to see your steps in order Sandhya. Remember to include all the information ; what do you have to do as a seaweed?