Monday, 16 May 2016

A worst day at the beach

Splish,splosh,splish,splosh.The beautiful,sparkling,blue waves were coming towards me,I was at the beach with my friends and family.We were standing beside a huge rock.There were enormous waves and tiny waves.

Once there was a huge wave coming towards us,I was really close to the huge rock.The huge waves were very close to us and it pushed me towards the rock and scratched my knee on the gigantic rock!”Ouch!” I quickly said.My knee was bleeding really badly.It was hurting so much and we all went home straight away.As soon as we got there we put a long plaster on top of it.But I was still in a lot of pain.I was getting a little bit better,the plaster dried and fell of.

Finally I got better and I could run normally.When I scratched my leg because I felt like my knee was in a pointy edge of a mountain.But soon I was getting better and better.I was feeling great when I got better!


  1. I liked the way I paragraphed my work.I think I need to work on adding dialogue.

  2. Good to see paragraphs Sandhya. Keep working on adding more detail to your sentences (make them longer with and, but, so) and using interesting words.

  3. Good job explaining how you felt.Next time add more detail.