Thursday, 14 June 2018

15.06.18-WALT: Write a missing person description


Sandhya is a 10 year old girl who is approximately the height of 1
metre 33 centimetres. She was walking home from school when she
suddenly disappeared. She has dark brown hair which is short and
wavy. It’s usually tied back into a tight ponytail with a blue hair tie.
Her eyes are dark brown and her skin is a medium/light shade of
brown. The clothing she was wearing on the day she got lost was: a
light pink short sleeve shirt, a light purple (close to lavender) skirt
and grey shoes with bright pink laces (it was mufti day at school).
Please help this girl return to her home safely.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Abseiling at camp

Abseiling at Camp

I was there, all geared up, ready to go down the wall. I was about to descend
down that pale blue abseiling wall, holding the slithering white rope for
support. My blue helmet was on, the pitch black waist harness was tightened.

I was so anxious. Butterflies were dancing in my stomach. It was nerve-
wracking. It felt like my head was going to explode!

I took a few small steps backwards, and before I knew it, I was on the
slippery, slanting edge of the wall, about to climb down. My feet were flat
against the wall, as if they were attached and I shuffled my feet down the
wall, taking tiny steps. I held onto the rope tightly, slowly pushing it forward
so it would lower me down gently.

Once I got over the edge and onto the actual wall, I wasn’t afraid. I realised
that it was quite enjoyable! Still slowly, I descended down the wall, but now I
wasn’t afraid anymore.

Once my feet hit the ground, I felt relieved and I wanted to abseil again. I
started removing my gear carefully. After a few minutes another person came
down the wall and we walked around MERC to get back to the platform. We
got back to the starting point and watched the remaining students climb
down. Some of them were nervous and some were excited. So that’s the story
of me completing abseiling.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Importance of Water Safety

Importance of Water Safety

Water safety includes a list of rules that you will need to
follow to be safe in the water. One of the most important
rules is to swim in between the flags. This is because life
guards will only be able to see when you’re between the
flags. Another rule is that all parents and adults should keep
an eye on their kids. Kids should use the buddy system so
they have someone to help them when they’re in trouble. You
should always call for help before rescuing someone
especially if you know you’re not a great swimmer. Follow
the rules of water safety!

Waves at the Beach-Description

Waves at the Beach

Splash! A huge, shimmering wave hits my legs extremely
forcefully! It speeds through my feet so it can splash another

It feels so wonderful when the aqua waves drag me along
with hot, black sand. When the most gigantic waves splish
and splosh, it leaves the beautiful open seas with soft,
dissolving foam.

I can smell the fresh, pure sea salt in the waves as they
approach me. The smell grows stronger and stronger as the
waves get bigger and bigger.

The sound of people chatting and screaming excitedly makes
a feeling of joy rushing through me.

It’s magnificent to be at a beautiful beach!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to make a Paper Lantern

How to make a Paper Lantern

Paper lanterns are lanterns which don't light up. They are a pretty
Chinese decoration which you can hang on wires or on walls.

To make a paper lantern, you'll need:

2 pieces of paper
Paint(preferably 3 colours)
1 or 2 pieces of straw


  1. First cut little strips on one end on the straw. (Don’t cut them off,
make sure they just split)
2.  Next lightly dip the straw into some paint and make patterns on
one piece of paper with the straw.
3. Let the piece of paper dry.
4. While it’s drying, roll up the second piece of paper into a cylinder
and staple the ends.
5. Once the piece of paper with the paint on it has dried, fold it in
6. Then, measure and draw a line horizontally on the top of the folded
paper(the open end)
7. After that, measure even spaces on the line and mark them (2 cm is
a good measurement)
8. Now, repeat steps 6 and 7 at the bottom end(the closed end)
9. Once you've done that, make sure the marks you made are aligned
with the marks on the other side.
10. Now draw lines to match the marks and to guide you.
11. Cut along the lines using your pair of scissors. Make sure the lines
are straight, if they are wonky, it won't look neat or pleasant.
12. Once you've finished cutting, unfold the piece of paper and match
the other 2 ends together.
13. Staple or glue the ends.
14. Now put the rolled up paper inside the space the paper lantern has
in the middle.
15. You can now make handle for your paper lantern by cutting a strip
out of a piece of paper.
16. Staple or glue the handle on the top of your lantern.
17. After you've done that, you can cut strips on the roll of paper
because it would be poking through the lantern( don't cut the strips

Now you're done!


Wonderopolis-Where is the Edge of the World?

Wonderopolis-Where is the Edge of the World?

Which planet is closest to the world?

Predictions of definitions of words: Galaxy: A system with billions of
stars in space.
                                                         Speck: A small spot.
                                                         Universe: World.
                                                         Sphere: 3D circle.
                                                         Infinite: Never Ending.
                                                         Observable: Something
                                                          you can observe and                                  

The main ideas are: -The world is never ending.
                                  - No scientists have found out where the edge of
the world is.